Asia Pacific Responsible Care Organization Meet in the Philippines

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Leaders of Responsible Care in the Asia- Pacific convened last November 04, 2015 at the Solaire Resort and Casino for the much anticipated 2nd face-to-face meeting in 2015 in conjunction with the 14th Asia- Pacific Responsible Care Conference.

Mr. Kyosuke Okano, Chairman of the Asia- Pacific Responsible Care Organization or APRO welcomed the participants from China, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore and Vietnam.

The result of the discussion of the Process Safety Task Force was presented by Mr. Kazuyuki Akita of the Japan Chemical Industry Association who is also currently representing the APRO Community in the Responsible Care Leadership Group- Process Safety Task Force. He encouraged the participants to provide their feedback before the finalization of the Process Safety Metrics and Guidelines.

Mr. Amit Jain presented the Nicer Globe project of the Indian Chemical Council. A project developed and supported by leading companies in India as part of the Responsible Care program. This project aims to provide a comprehensive tracking system and emergency response for chemicals being transported in their country.

Networking among members in the region continued during the welcome dinner for the participants.