Focused Group Discussion (FGD) on the Revision of PEPP Policy and Supplemental Guidelines

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On August 05, 2016, SPIK represented by Ms. Gretchen Fontejon- Enarle and Mr. Jeff Mijares, new Executive Director attended the FGD on the Revision of Philippine Environment Partnership Program (PEPP) Policy and Supplemental Guidelines at the DENR-EMB Visayas Avenue Office.


The FGD aims to revisit the DAO 2003-14 Creating the Philippine Partnership Program to Support Industry Self-Regulation Towards Improved Environmental Performance. It also aimed at identifying the gaps of the PEPP Policy and Supplemental Guidelines and Recommendations for Improvement


The DAO 2003-14 according to the head of PEPP, Ms. Michico Venus Navaluna, there are two (2) categories or tracks of participation of establishments in the PEPP. Track 1 shall cover establishments with proven or demonstrated superior environmental performance while Track 2 shall govern establishments aiming for improved environmental performance but are not yet in full compliance with the administrative and/ or technical requirements of environmental laws


Innogy Solutions headed by Ms. Lloly de Jesus was commissioned by the DENR- EMB to undertake the project and to facilitate the FGD. The results of survey from Track 1 and Track 2 companies were presented followed by an open discussion.