Consultation Meeting on the issues of Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm (BRS) Convention

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The Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) organized a consultative meeting on Issues to be discussed during the Conferences of the Parties to the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Convention last April 18, 2017 at the EMB Air Quality Center, Quezon City.

SPIK conducted a survey on the use of Tributyltin (TBT), Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffin (SCCP) and hexachlorobutadiene (HCBD). TBT is being proposed to be added in the Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention while the Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffin (SCCP) is being recommended for inclusion in the Annex A (for elimination) of the Stockholm Convention. The inclusion of these chemicals in the said Conventions would require additional monitoring activities.

Tributyltin is one of the regulated chemical of the country and is included in the Priority Chemical List (PCL). To date, the Environmental Management Bureau has not had any registration of TBT or TBTO for importation and usage. SCCPs on the other hand, were, and continue to be, used primarily in metalworking applications and in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics. Other uses include using SCCPs in paints, adhesives and sealants, leather fat liquors, plastics, and as flame retardants in rubber, textiles and polymeric materials. SCCPs may be released into the environment at all life cycle stages: during production, storage, transportation, use, and disposal of SCCPs and products that contain SCCPs.

The POPRC Review Committee also recommended to list hexachlorobutadiene (HCBD) in Annex C (Unintentional Production for reduction). This substance is an unintentional release of hexachlorobutadiene from the production of certain chlorinated hydrocarbons, the production of magnesium, incineration processes and the production of polyvinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride and vinyl chloride monomer

The meeting was attended by government, non-governmental organizations and industry association representatives, EMB- Chemical Management Section, EMB- Hazardous Waste Management Section, Occupational Health and Safety center (OHSC), Department of Health (DOH), Ecowaste Coalition, BAN Toxics, Association of Chrysotile Asbestos Industry of the Philippines (ACIP), Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers, Inc. (PAPM), Croplife Philippines, Federation of Philippine Industries (FPI) and SPIK.